Nuxt.js: Practical difference between Universal and SPA?

Hi everyone, I just started learning Nuxt.js, and I was reading the documentation, but I’m confused on where the practical difference is between Universal mode and Single-Page Application mode. I’m trying to build a front end website that requires routing (but no authentication because no backend needed) to different pages (through embedded links - Ex. if I click on Contact, it should bring me to the contacts page). Which mode should I choose?

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Hey, I am not too familiar with Nuxt.jl but from what I have read, the difference is that with Universal Mode, you render everything on the server-side vs with  Single-Page Application mode you generate the static HTML files ahead of time. 

In general, one would want static HTML if your goal is raw speed cine it doesn’t have to rely on the server to render things. This obviously has limitations based on what you may be trying to do which is why Universal mode exists (enables more features). 

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