Number of Parallel Jobs

Is there a limit to the number of parallel jobs that can be triggered at the same time? The description of “Jobs” here - seems to indicate that there could be unlimited jobs triggered in parallel.

The “usage limits” documentation mentions that the maximum number of parallel jobs depends on your plan:

Additional jobs will just have to wait until spots free up.


So the number of parallel macOS jobs is limited to 5, but the number of jobs is unlimited for Linux and Windows?

No, check the “Total concurrent jobs” column of the table. That’s what applies to Linux and Windows.

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And if I also have macOS jobs, is the total number of concurrent jobs 25 for the free tier (20 for any combination of Linux and Windows; 5 for macOS)?
Or is the total number 20 and I can have upto 5 macOS jobs among those 20?

That’s how I understand the table, but if you need a definitive answer you’ll have to ask someone from Github. :wink:

That said, it’s not like trying to start more concurrent jobs will break anything, it’s just that some of them will have to wait until spots free up.