Where can I find the NuGet board here, please (link if possible).

Thank you.

Hi there,

You seem to be a bit lost. This forum does not have boards specific to projects.

If you’re having an issue with NuGet, the first thing you could do is checking if you can open up an issue at the repo here: (which maybe you already did). However, NuGet has disabled this. Then you could check their site for a forum or something like that:, but they don’t seem to offer anything like it.

From there on, you can:

Just to make clear, the Project Development Help and Advice board is more of a general board - so it isn’t dedicated to any specific project. If you have a very specific question about NuGet, you might want to try to find a more specialized forum.

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Hello Mark

Many thanks for your explanation.

I eventually found a board here and posted my message there.