Nuget package working on GH Enterprise

I’m having a hard time publishing a NuGet package to Nuget to GH Enterprise. It returns not found for all the URL’s. I already created a token with permission to read/write packages, permission for repo. All packages registry are enabled on Management Console. SSL setup for the nuget.pkg subdomain.

I also added these URLs as sources when trying to push the packages.

Are there any additional settings to have packages working on GH Enterprise that we do not find on the documentation?

Not found:

Not found:


If subdomain isolation is enabled, the URL will be nuget.GHENTERPRISEDOMAIN/OWNER/index.json

(This does not change for version 3.x)


Hi @toddself, Thank you for your help. It is working now for me with the URL https://nuget.myghurl/organization/index.json. I also have to set up an SSL for this subdomain.