Npm run deploy error WebStorm

Good day guys,

*Please assist, after npm run deploy on WebStorm, following errors occurred:

From the look of the error it seems like this may be an issue with the git installation inside your terminal.

Can you run git --version from inside that terminal and reply with the output?

Can you also try running git --version and gh-pages -d build from a regular command prompt window too?

If you’ve been using the Webstorm built-in version of git then you may need to install git manually and restart Webstorm before this command runs.

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I have installed git bash manually prior
Git version git version
Finally, I have pushed [roject to Github, but through script run in package.json, first I run manually “predeploy”: “npm run build”, and then “deploy”: “gh-pages -d build”, But through Terminal in Webstorm it was returned with errors.

Maybe it is because I have a Window. Better to have Linux or mac os.