NPM not creating .bin directory on mac

My Mac and npm have never managed to work together it has issues with npm global installs, which I have been sometimes hacking by installing into a dir myself, and adding the binaries to my path.

More importantly it never creates the node_modules/.bin/ when doing an npm install which is breaking a lot of installs cant use things like vue-cli-service or nightwatch right now I am blocked again with carbon-telemetry collect --install

Node is @ 12.0.0
npm is @ 6.9.0
Mac is @ 10.15.7

If I do something like npm install @vue/cli-service --verbose I don’t get a clear error, or see a failure.

Things I have tried

  • Deleting package-lock.json from repos
  • doing a sudo xcode-select --reset
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling npm