Npm installa dependencies to be available for an online website

I’d like to kindly ask how to use a webgl app needing certain npm dependencies “running” on an online server.
I’m new to webgl and three.js and js apps in general and I’d love to kindly ask how to let it work a bundle like the following

on a server hosting a website and so to have it available online.
Do I need to do an equivalment process like the " npm install " somewhere in the database of my server provider?
Thanks so much and sorry if the question looks too banal and rude :blush:

NPM is the package manager for Node JS. So in order to be able to use NPM on a web server you’ll need to be granted very high permissions — i.e. almost like an admin — since you’d be installing software on the server machine. It’s unlikely that any web hosting service will grant you such privileges, so you’ll be needing either a virtual hosting service or an independent machine of yours hosted by the ISP.

Databases have not much to do with NPM, to use NPM you also need to be able to connect to your server via remote shell, where you can type commands and have full access to your account (including installing and uninstalling software).

Probably, for what you’re trying to achieve, it’s enough that you install Node.JS on your local machine, which will then give you full access to all the libraries and development tools you might need to create your own WebGL demos and apps, which you should then be able to publish (or compile) to JavaScript for browsers, and just upload it to your website.