npm install --no-progress still shows output

One of my build steps is running npm install and with the –no-progress flag set to save some time setting up the essentials, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the output? I know there will still be some output from the install command in the end when using this flag, but from the looks of it, all output is still emitted during the install process.

Is this enforced by Github Actions or something?

Hi @carestad ,

Did you try to add the configuration option progress=false into the .npmrc file for the package? This also can disable the progress bar.
And you also can try the commands time npm install and time npm install --no-progress , to see if the times have obviously difference.

Hi, yeah, I did try that but I forgot to mention that in the description (d’oh!).

Locally there seems to be some time to save doing this. Install time went down from 39 seconds to 29 when I tested. I find it weird that it takes an extra 10 seconds to ouput info though, but whatever works I suppose.

I’ll try and time the various commands in an actual workflow and see if there is any real difference.