Npm ERR! yallist not accessible from lru-cache

Hello everyone,
hope you could please help with one of my Github Action’s job which is stucked from the 18th of May, when there have been issues with Actions all day long.
The whole pipeline stops on the first automatic-test job, as it reaches the “install” step, which execute an “npm ci” command (after a Node.js cache step), it produces the following error:

npm ERR! yallist not accessible from lru-cache

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     /home/runner/.npm/_logs/2021-05-24T12_19_20_055Z-debug.log

This problem is up from the 18th and is still on after many re-runs.
Fun fact: I have at least other 10 repos with the same identical pipeline and never had any problem like so.
Is there any way to unstuck this situation?
I attached the job file itself, thank you in advance.

Thanks for reporting it @fsacca88

I don’t see anything wrong by examining the workflow file.
Is it still an issue? I wonder if it could’ve been either a networking issue, something on npm’s end, or perhaps a private package that is unavailable to download.

Thanks for replying, I had some builds to do in the last days and it seems the issue solved itself.
I have no clue, thanks anyway.