Npm can't install angular/cli on windows 7

Hi, I am using windows 7 64bit Home Premium at laptop. I installed node v13.14.0 end npm v6.14.4
npm install -g @angular/cli this command not run properly. ng not installing.

I attached error list. How can i resolve this problem.
This command running correctly and installing my other pc on windows 7 pro.

I’d check the user name on this computer vs the other. On this computer, your user name has a international [i.e. non-ASCII] character, which might not be able to be handled by npm.

Thanks for your support. My problem was solved. I changed my user İsmail to ismail.
for path, i uninstalled npm and visual code. then re install npm ,visual code.
finally npm install -g @angular/cli worked successfully. ng now working
Thanks again for your support.