Novice, clumsy code? Post it yet?

I’m working on posting my first repository.
I’m wondering how, when a novice github user wants to post, has possibly novice, buggy code,
How they preface this aspect?

I know in time my code will be perfected, yet I feel an urgency in getting it out there, regardless of perfection, as to the benefit it can bring to others.

So the question is:
Can/should I post it whether it’s say…
A mass of miscellaneous 3D objects I’d like people to make their own sense of, a Photoshop file full of layers with random descriptive measures applied to…

Ie: are there “rules” as to how things posted “have to be”?


There isn’t a rule.

I’d say as soon as you feel okay with people seeing it then go for it. Just be up-front about the fact that it’s early, and that you feel there are still adjustments/improvements to be made.

Also consider whether you want people’s feedback or not … repo issues on or off? Include an email address? etc. (Ex: careful what you ask for.)


I appreciate your response.
I think your advice will put me in the right direction.

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