Novation Launchpad for monitoring levels on 8 audio channels

My question is in respect of the Novation Launchpad. Is there a software developer who may wish to put in some time to write some some code for the Launchpad to emulate “The Box”:

The design appears to be eminently suited to a revised “box”. I bought one of these from Mike Skeet years ago who sadly is no longer with us.

Otherwise, a circuit design which turns the launchpad into a bargraph audiometer? I currently run a Roland R-88 (8 channel audio field recorder), with a very small led display. It would be so useful to plug the launchpad into the R-88 usb port (with/without iPad?)  and monitor the 8 audio channels! Or maybe use a small microprocessor in between the two devices?

I don’t want to have a PC/MAC when I’m doing location sound recording, so keeping kit small or to the minimum is important.

Thank you in anticipation to anyone who maybe interested?