Notifications for repository that matches my user name

The repository Tercioo/Plater-Nameplates bears the same name as my user name plater derived from my name Dave Plater and which I have no interest in keeps sending me issue emails. While I commend GitHub for making sure that users mentioned in commits and issues are notified of posts and changes it shouldn’t confuse package names with user names. Even just following the unix convention of discriminating between capital and lower case would ensure that I’m not spammed with unconnected emails as my user name is plater.
It seems that this is the only place to submit GitHub’s own issues.
Yes I saw the unsubscribe message at the bottom of the email but won’t this also unsubscribe me from all github notifications?

Hi @plater :wave:

Please check the watch settings for that repository.

I’m not watching according to the watch settings. As I pointed out my only link is my name and user name. I’ve filed a spam report Ticket ID: 877747, I already have a busy inbox to juggle for packages I maintain for openSUSE and the offending repository is extremely busy.

Hi @plater,

I see there were several issues where your handle was @ mentioned.
I don’t believe the user/s that created those issues mentioning you had ill-intent. However, I do believe creating that report will be helpful.

Please use the Ignore setting for this repository.
Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.54.20 AM

Yes I made it clear that the repo users didn’t have ill intent. I’ve
just looked at one of the @plater mentions, I didn’t realise that they
were the cause, are they possibly generated automatically when the
lower case plater is mentioned?