Notifications for new previews are annoying


the preview notifications are really annoying. Is there an option to disable it (and the previews) all together? I just don’t care and don’t want to be bothered by it.

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@shoeper right now there is no way to disable the feature preview notifications but we are looking at improving the feature discoverability and feature preview experience in the future and this has been a common request that we would consider including as part of it.

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I agree.

I would really rather not have GitHub start managing my user preferences for me.

Actually, I think this signals a broader issue - that GitHub has decided that they have the right to decide unilaterally what their users want, and make changes to their user-space to reflect that.


No!  No!  A thousand times No!

It’s bad enough to try to develop on a platform, (Windows), where the developers feel they have the right to just step in, behind my back, and make fundamental changes to the way my systems are configured just because someone in marketing thinks it wold be interesting or neato.

Ha GitHub been purchased by Microsoft, Google, or Facebook recently?

Maybe it’s time for me to look for a different developer space?  Any suggestions?