Notification Save for later via Rest API

Is there currently a way (that I am not able to find in the documentation) to use the “save for later” functionality on notifications?

If there currently is none, I think it would be very benefitial to have that functionality. My use-case is: I am having a custom tool managing my GitHub notifications (since without Google Inbox, that tended to get a bit bothersome), and I would like to leverage that functionality to mark issues for later, but currently can’t seem to be able to use that from octokit.js.


Thanks for reaching out.

No, there currently is not a way to use the REST or GraphQL APIs to use the “save for later” functionality on notifications. I’ve passed along your suggestion to the developers. Unfortunately, I can’t make any guarantees on when this change might be made.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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