Notification can't be cleared

I have an unread notification that for a repo that is not displayed when the repo is selected. How can I clear this notification?



For anyone else who runs into this kind of issue… I’ve found the solution. Certain users are are apparently flagged as spammers and their PRs or comments are flagged as spam. It seems that notifications for these PRs are suppressed, but they are still contributing to the number of unread.

I noticed that if you clear the issues filter, you’ll get a combined listing of all PRs and issues. I found that there was gap between issue 200 and and PR 202. I manually built the URL to go to PR 201 and sure enough it existed and the comment was flagged as “Spammy”.

After visiting the hidden PR, the notification count in for this repo finally dropped to zero and disappeared from the list of repos with unread notifications.

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