Not sure if I'm in the right place or not?

I’m starting an online modeling website with a thought of a few different twist to bring both the girls/guys something different than fighting a scroll bar for the lime light. I am learning and have been self teaching myself for a while and seem to always be taking steps back. I was hoping to find a safe place to collaborate with ideas to be able to pick up and learn as I go. I have always been skeptical about trying to reach out in groups or other means of communication with people on the web, but it seems today it’s the only way to actually find someone with the skills, and or mindset to want to listen.

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Hi @squirrel1489,

We are happy you are here! You are more likely to get a useful response if you are explicit about what your project entails, giving a few more details might help someone give you a nudge in the right directions.

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Yeah I jump from project to project not seeming to find what and where I need to be at.