Not Seeing Published Solution @ GitHub Repo

I am new to GitHub. With Visual Studio, I carefully added an existing solution to Solution Control and then proceeded to Publish to my GitHub Account\ Repo. However, when I look at the GitHub Repo via my web browser I am not seeing the Solution Files. I only see a couple .git files. What could possibly be the issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

It sounds like you have not yet successfully pushed your code to GitHub.

I’m not too sure of the specifics of using GitHub inside of Visual Studio, but this tutorial looks pretty thorough!

I think you need the part that starts at Figure 8 and Figure 9!

It’s also worth double checking that you’re authenticating to GitHub correctly:

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The issue seemed to be that I needed to Commit my existing solution first, before the Sync. I see the code now in my repository. Thanks.