Not receiving verification email


Just wondering if there was anything I could do in regards to not recieving my verification email?

I have tried to contact support but im worried that if im not recieving my verification email, I may also not receive any support replies.

I am trying to verify my University email so I can utilise the Student Developer Pack, so using an alternate email to verity isn’t an option for me.



Hi @brendantay86 This is definitely something we’re better able to help with via private email support. However, I can tell you that it is possible to apply for the Student Developer Pack with a photo student ID if you don’t have a University email that works. To do that, go here:

And on the second page, select “I don’t have a school-issued email” and it will give you the option to upload a photo of your ID. 

Hey @brendantay86!

Have you checked all your email folders for the verification email? These come from, so can sometimes get filtered as spam or straight into the trash. It could be worth contacting your email address provider too, to check they’re letting our emails through!

In case you’re not getting messages from support, I’d suggest adding a _different _email address to your account and then contacting support from that address so we can reply and still have a private channel, if needed.

Hope that helps!

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 Unfortunately we don’t get issued with student ID’s which makes this a little more challenging than it should be :frowning:

I can add an additional email to allow me to communicate I guess, But that would mean I need to sign up with another email account to do so and i’d prefer not to if at all possible.

@brendantay86 Unfortunately, if you’re unable to receive communications from us via your school email address, we have no way of verifying the email and approving a student pack for your account other than with an official school ID. 

One more thing to try would be to reach out to your email administrator and make sure there aren’t any blockers on that end preventing you from receiving messages from us.

If that doesn’t turn up anything, the only way for us to help you further would be for you to add another email address to your account that you can send and receive messages to us from so we can work out the details via private support.