Not listed as a contributor :)


I don’t see my name here:

Not a big deal, just wondering.

I see there are three reasons why it can be:

  • You aren’t one of the top 100 contributors.
  • Your commits haven’t been merged into the default branch.
  • The email address you used to author the commits isn’t connected to your account on GitHub.

From here:

Wondering what I am missing:

  1. I got more than 1 pull request merged, and some of the listed people have just one.
  2. Pull requests are merged into master (default branch)
  3. Email address in git config --list is the same as primary address in github.

Hey! Was the PR Merged via a squash merge? I have noticed for me that I do NOT show up as a contributor when the PR is merged via Squash despite the commit showing in my own activity section.