Not getting emails about new issues, only mentions, despite correct settings (I think)

I’ve set up a new user for our customer to use to log issues, and I’m seeing confusing behaviour in terms of email and notifications - the new user is getting emails if they are mentioned in an issue but not of all new issues created by other users. As far as I know I’ve turned everything on, and only one email address is set up for everything.

The new user is set as a repo collaborator, we’re not using teams on this repo.

By contrast, MY user is receiving email notifications whenever they create a new issue and I cannot see any differences.

Any suggestions what probably obvious thing is wrng would be great, thankyou.

Hi @jdx-john,

The very first thing I’d recommend checking would be to make sure you’re watching the repo in which you want to receive email notifications for all new issues. Your settings look correct, but it could be that you’re not actually watchign the repo. To make sure, you can click on “things you’re watching” in the upper right there. If the repo you want notifications listed for isn’t there, then you’ll want to navigate to the repo and watch it.

Alternatively, if everything looks as it should (i.e. you _are _already watching the repo), I’d recommend reaching out to private support for further help. We may need to look into the account further to discover the problem.