Not able to see all statuses on a branch/PR with Github API (Azure Pipelines does not show)

I am trying to utilize the Github api to check the status of our CI pipelines for a given branch/PR. I found the get-the-combined-status-for-a-specific-reference REST endpoint, but it only returns some of the statuses.

Our team uses our own CI bot, as well as Azure Pipelines. I’ve noticed that our own CI bot DOES show up in the JSON response, but not any of the statuses from azure pipelines.

On the PR the result is:

Some checks were not successful
2 failing and 55 successful checks

But the api response we get:

 "state": "success",
  "statuses": [

I’m not sure if this is an Azure Pipelines problem (seems unlikely), Github bug (seems most likely), or just an intended behavior that doesn’t seem too intuitive.

Thanks for any help!

Hello @joshspicer and welcome to the community.

This is hard to debug without having a specific record or situation to look at. Is there a public repository where you can reproduce this problem and we can take a look?