Not able to login, phone lost, two factor authentication

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I had enabled 2 Factor Authentication on my GitHub Account. Problem is, I have lost my old phone, which contained the authentication application, and now I am not able to log in into my GitHub Account.

I am not even able to reset the password without using two factor authentication. That is my major account, and I a lot of collaborations, my page, etc associated with it.

Please guide me on how I can resolve the issue.

Ideally use one of the recovery codes you should have received when enabling 2FA. This documentation page describes that, and also other options you have: Recovering your account if you lose your 2FA credentials - GitHub Docs

I had not saved the recovery codes earlier, but was able to access the recovery codes using one of the mails I got at that time from GitHub.

I tried using one of those recovery codes, and the authentication again failed. Not sure why this is happening. Can you please suggest something?

That sounds odd, I don’t think GitHub ever sends recovery codes by mail, that would be highly insecure. Maybe you’re thinking of the login confirmation codes you get without 2FA? Those won’t work.

For other options without a recovery code please check the documentation I linked above.