Not able to clone my private repository in Github codespaces

I am not sure if this is working fine earlier. Today I tried to clone in my codespace and I am not able to do that.

It’s say repository not found. Anyone have any idea how we can clone our own github repository in codespace.


The auth token is that used for git within a codespace is restricted to only the repository that the codespace was created for. This is done for security to reduce the impact if you were to open a malicious repository in a codespace. We are starting to work on ways to mark a repository/codespace as trusted which could give the token greater scopes.

In the mean time, you should be able to clone by providing a PAT or through the source control commands/viewlet in VS Code, which will go through an OAuth flow to get a token with greater scopes.

I think i have the same issue as OP

where this is public repository with private submodules where i can’t even push to any repository…

Is there any progress on this issue or can i contribute somewhere?