Noops Week Three: Riddlebot discussion

This is a space to share and discuss with your fellow challengers. Feel free to post comments below and start the conversation. Good luck challengers!

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Are we 100% certain this bot works? (I know, I know :P)

I think I have tried all possible 4-numbers keys (each number from 0 to 25 included) for the vigenere with a lost key step, and none of them seems to generate a list of words whose at least 50% of them are known English words. (I assumed the message was plain English, maybe I was wrong?)

Out of completedness I also tried the 1, 2, 3, and 5-numbers keys, but the riddle message does say there are 4 numbers in the key…

I’m lost now… I might have had my code wrong too.

EDIT : I got it. The wording might have been better for this exercise…

Hi @frizlab, glad you got it! What wording was confusing so we can fix it for other folks?

I don’t see how to answer that without spoiling the riddle, and for the life of me I cannot find a way to send a private message on this website :neutral_face: Is it a reputation thing like SO? Anyway, if you can PM me I’d be glad to reply.

Please message us at Feel free to reference this post and ask for Andrea. Thank you!

I’ve tried also brute force without results.