Noops Week One: Hex Codes Everywhere discussion

First, I convert hex code to decimal. Then I use something like ‘ASCII art’ painting to show it. this is demo: this is my repo:


Awesome challenge and some very cool projects I’ve seen so far!

I gave the Hexbot a try and created a “game” where two teams of 5 colors “fight” against each other using their RGB values.


Live demo:

I hope you like it!


I worked on pointillism and wrote a python script using opencv and hexbot

here are some examples:

source code:


I’ve been meaning to learn Go, so I wrote a program that does the following:

  • Spawns X number of goroutines
  • Each goroutines will call the HexBot api, deserialize the result, and pass it back to the controlling thread on a channel.
  • API requests are rate-limited through another channel. Only 20 requests per second allowed. Otherwise HexBot gets mad and gives you a 403 :slight_smile:
  • Main thread spawns an OpenGL window and plots the returned hex codes randomly on the screen, creating a colorful TV static look.



Made this Xbox Live avatar re-generator:

It takes the most frequent colors from the image, and replaces them with random colors from the Noop API.

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Check out mine. It is really simple webpage which changes color on click of button.

Source Code :

Here’s what I tried:


Hey Guys, what’s up?

I am new to programming and need some help with the NoopsChallenge?

How do I start using an API like Hexbot?

I would like to make some projects of my own using the Hexbot API and Python, but I don’t know how to start.

Could someone help me? All suggestions are welcome.

I wrote a little gist that demonstrates the basic usage of the hexbot api. I added some comments so that you should be able to understand whats happening. You may have to install the requests module.


Just a simple little application with random number of squares changing colors every 1 second to create a disco floor!

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I’m not sure if this qualifies. But I found a good use for the code hexbot uses to generate random hexes. Generates 1000 random css linear gradients.

Demo here

Code here


I made a simple little color tool to change and apply colors to a sample UI.

This is the demo:

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Is it ok to use multiple bots together and make something?

@shajanjp I think that’s not only okay but pretty awesome! Hack away!!!

Yep, it is even encouraged in the home page


I made a flask app for pointillism, using Hexbot!

Check out the app here:

GitHub repo link:

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I made a Doughnut generator, because why not.




I created two chrome extentions using hexbot.

One is a colorful pointer.


The other is a colorful mosaic.I want to use it when taking screenshots.


Source code is here.

Best Regards :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I tried to make canvas background with floating blurred colors. Checkout how it looks:


Hi everyone,

I used hexbot to create random basic JavaSscript syntax highlighting. You can view the page at the hexbot-highlight.html file in the repo. You can edit the JS code in the page too!