Noops Week One: Hex Codes Everywhere discussion

This is a space to share and discuss with your fellow challengers. Feel free to post comments below and start the conversation. Good luck challengers!


Made this code in python which visualizes the colors by their tone sound. Try to run this file: Note that its only windows tested. other os may not work. 

To run the file just run python have a nice coding!


This is mine:

Simple clock that background change using hash color :slight_smile: you can see in action here:


Hey Everyone,

I made a simple js script to fill up the background colour of a div using hexbot and then labelling the colour, kind of like a ui color generator.


would love changes and suggestions on this, and also would love it if someone used it to as a base and create something more evolved than this.


Hello everyone,

i have made an app that takes random colors from Hexbot and a random picture from Unsplash, when you click the picture it applies a Pointillism effect with the random colors.

This is the app:


If it doesn’t works is because Unsplash allows me to request only 50 images per hour in the demo version.

I hope you like it!

Note: I use PHP just to take the enviroment variable needed for Unsplash from Heroku.


Working on a palette editor, why not? :slight_smile:


I don’t mean to offend you, but I don’t think putting points over a picture is pointillism. I think it is recreating the whole image with small circles. 


First, I convert hex code to decimal. Then I use something like ‘ASCII art’ painting to show it. this is demo: this is my repo:


Awesome challenge and some very cool projects I’ve seen so far!

I gave the Hexbot a try and created a “game” where two teams of 5 colors “fight” against each other using their RGB values.


Live demo:

I hope you like it!


I worked on pointillism and wrote a python script using opencv and hexbot

here are some examples:

source code:


I’ve been meaning to learn Go, so I wrote a program that does the following:

  • Spawns X number of goroutines
  • Each goroutines will call the HexBot api, deserialize the result, and pass it back to the controlling thread on a channel.
  • API requests are rate-limited through another channel. Only 20 requests per second allowed. Otherwise HexBot gets mad and gives you a 403 :slight_smile:
  • Main thread spawns an OpenGL window and plots the returned hex codes randomly on the screen, creating a colorful TV static look.



Made this Xbox Live avatar re-generator:

It takes the most frequent colors from the image, and replaces them with random colors from the Noop API.

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Check out mine. It is really simple webpage which changes color on click of button.

Source Code :

Here’s what I tried:


Hey Guys, what’s up?

I am new to programming and need some help with the NoopsChallenge?

How do I start using an API like Hexbot?

I would like to make some projects of my own using the Hexbot API and Python, but I don’t know how to start.

Could someone help me? All suggestions are welcome.

I wrote a little gist that demonstrates the basic usage of the hexbot api. I added some comments so that you should be able to understand whats happening. You may have to install the requests module.


Just a simple little application with random number of squares changing colors every 1 second to create a disco floor!

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I’m not sure if this qualifies. But I found a good use for the code hexbot uses to generate random hexes. Generates 1000 random css linear gradients.

Demo here

Code here


I made a simple little color tool to change and apply colors to a sample UI.

This is the demo:

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Is it ok to use multiple bots together and make something?