Noops Week One: FizzBuzz? discussion

This is a space to share and discuss with your fellow challengers. Feel free to post comments below and start the conversation. Good luck challengers!

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Hey all!

I’ve made a fizzbot challenge solver written in golang.

Check that out at:

Also added an interactive script written in golang here:



Hey! I’m on fire and I create my Elixir solution for answer the Fizzbot questions! 

My solution is showing the question, let you answer, send the answer as POST request, and if you’re wrong, you have chance to try again, if you are right, you will see the next question. 

I already sent my PR. 

I wrote a detail for explain what do you need for test my solution, how to download the dependencies, how to run the solution, how it works, and explain the design with a functional programming language as Elixir. 

Greetings from Mexico!

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I have written the solver in python. Check it out here .

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I wrote an Interviewee in Rust that solves the questions and completed the interview on its own.

Check it out at:

The rust project in under “fizz_rs” folder.

A readme file is also available along with the project.



I have made one with client side  JavaScript hosted on GitHub pages, feel free to checkout source code in the repo as well, thanks.


I also have added another one for Node.js which uses the same code but runs in command-line, hooked up with GitHub Actions to process the result.

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I have solved it, but how to do it faster?

IMO the majority time is taken in calling api and getting response.


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Here’s my version of solving the interview in Ruby

I’m still looking for ways to make it faster

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Just made a minimal autosolver in js that will submit javascript on initial question and exit by printing latest response with a grade.

Here is repo

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Hi everyone, I’ve created a simple “autosolver” in javascript that will answer to first question with javascript and print last response with a grade. Here it is

My solution in Python at: