Noobie needs help with move from local SVN to github

I developed and manage about 50 websites with all their files on SVN, and I want to move them all to github. I am the only user, so that makes it much simpler, but all the repositories are on my hard drive, not available through a URL.

I have read the instructions but they seem to be for much more complex cases, and I am struggling to see how to do this. Do I need to upload them all to an online SVN service so I can then convert them?

You will be disappointed to know that I’m a Windows/PHP man, so don’t expect me to understand anything Pythony.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks

Take a look at git svn. It lets you import an SVN repository into a local Git repository. Once you have that you can push it to GitHub like any other Git repository.


:wave: Welcome!

What @airtower-luna said :arrow_up:

I have found a how-to, which is by far the most recent step-by-step svn to git tutorial I’ve encountered. There are some potential issues though, so make sure you read through all the comments before you start.

Also, I’d be aware that some of the accounts I’ve read suggest that “a while” in terms of converting can be measured in days. Again, though, some of these accounts are actually ancient, so your machine may well be much zippier.