Noob getting 404 error

I’ve gone through countless post and guides redoing it and trying to figure it out on my own but I’m at a loss. Can I be pointed in the right direction please :frowning: .

This can happen for a few reasons, but the most likely one is that this repository was created as a private repo originally and then changed to public afterwards. If you’re on the GitHub free plan you can’t create Pages sites from private repositories, so Pages isn’t built automatically when you push a commit to a private repo.

The quickest way to fix this in future is to push a fresh commit to your repository after changing your visibility settings to public.

I’ve gone ahead and triggered a build for your site and can see it online now!


Thank you, Thomas. You’re the real mvp.

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Hi @BugOps23 , we’re glad you’re here :grinning:

However, we don’t want to have job listings on the Community Forum right now.
Thanks for your interest :+1: