Nonprofit accounts: Anything change since the Microsoft acquisition?

Hi friends - anyone know if the process for applying for a nonprofit account has changed since the Microsoft acquisition?

I’ve helped a few 501c3’s set up nonprofit accounts in the past and it was always a quick process. Recently had a friend apply (via the normal channel), and she said it’s been just over a month and still no response even after a recent follow up.

Is this just a matter or maintaining patience, or is there a new/different channel to apply for a nonprofit account since the Microsoft acquisition?

Any tips/ideas I can forward along is greatly appreciated!

Hi @chadokruse,

Thanks a lot for being here, and thank you for sharing this feedback. The process has not changed, we are however seeing quite an increase on these requests and it’s taking the team a little longer than usual to process them all. Please ask your friend to please message us at, and we’ll see what we can do. Feel free to reference this post and ask for Andrea. 

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