Non-stop login requests from the command line

There’s a batch operation I need to run when switching branches that updates all the submodules in my local repo. If I don’t run this, I usually won’t be able to build the solution.

Lately, running this process has been resulting in non-stop username and password prompts from the command line, sometimes accompanied by 2FA text messages. There doesn’t seem to be an end to the prompts, the batch job never finishes, and the login attempts are always rejected as “Logon failed” regardless.

I was told I could bypass this by creating a personal access token and using that instead of my password, but this has not affected the situation.

As of right now, I’ve having trouble getting any work done. Is there anything you can recommend?

Hi @ZachBowman, happy to have you in the community!
Have you tried caching your credentials?
Check out this other forum topic Save credentials using git config --global

Here’s more information on the Help docs site:

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