Non-standard links are converted to normal text


I need the following link in my and repository’s wiki

[Show in App Store](appstream://io.github.realmazharhussain.GdmSettings)

But it shows up as normal text. How do I create such link?

Hi there - first thing to check is that the files that you’re using have the .md extension - can you confirm that please?

it is not just recognized as a URL, is that the complete URL ? because if I will be adding https://, which is NOT correct, just to test it, it will be a link

[Show in App Store](https://appstream://io.github.realmazharhussain.GdmSettings)

like this


Is it a complete URL? Yes.

appstream:// is not an internet protocol. On Linux systems with a graphical store installed, opening appstream://app_id links opens up page for app with app_id in the graphical app store.

Yes, it is indeed a markdown file.

yup, that’s why, and it’s not recognized,

just a quick test from bitly, it’s not recognized too

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Thanks for jumping in @jdevstatic :heart: ! I’ll let you take the reigns :horse_racing:t3:

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