Non-ASCII anchor links in Github Pages are broken due to lowercasing

Browsing ‘‘’’ in my repository, people should go by anchor links. This one points to the non-English part of the document, so it’s important to have it accessible: #Общий

But building Github Pages makes id’s (created from titles) lowercase , so

id=" общий", while the link is still #Общий

In %-encoding they are different.

So linking to anchors doesn’t work for non-ASCII non-all-lowercase titles.

Could you please correct this by non lowercasing id’s in Github Pages, OR lowercasing them in repositories too, so that we could have both working?

Thank you!

Hmmm I see what you’re saying, but I think you can work around it by writing the link in lowercase in your

[(RU:) Проект для нашего общего саморазвития.](#oбщий)

Then it would work both on GitHub and on GitHub Pages site.

I got the idea from this thread: