NodeJS child processes don't seem to work in Github Actions

I’m using a simple nodejs/npm Github Action (this one) to run my tests, and this particularly action serves to test the frontend of a webpage with selenium webdrive.

Anyway, in my Node code I start the http server (whose script is located at ./server.js) at localhost with a fork made with Node, something like

const { fork } = require('child_process')

const options = { stdio: ['pipe', 'pipe', 'pipe', 'ipc'] }

let httpLocalServer = fork('./server.js', [], options)
httpLocalServer.on('exit', (code, signal) => {
  console.log('Exited the fork for httpLocalServer with ' + signal)
  if (code === 1) { // error
    console.error('Exited with error')
  } else {
    console.log('Exited the server OK')
httpLocalServer.stderr.on('data', (data) => {
httpLocalServer.on('message', message => {

But that script starts and exits right away with OK and signal as null, it’s not even run. But it works well in my ubuntu local machine, but not in Github actions.

Are there any tweaks or caveats for nodeJS forks, spawns or child processes in Github Actions?

It was a damn bug, I was exiting the server in test version, due to legacy with travis CI

/* NODE_ENV is different from release; NODE_ENV is set to 'test' on Travis test module */
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test') {
  console.log('Does not start http server, exiting...\n')

Please ignore my question