No timeout when scheduling for self-hosted runner

I’m trying to get a VM that automatically starts the github runner on startup to spin up when a build is scheduled and to spin down when a build hasn’t be scheduled for a certain amount of time. This allows me to setup a VM with build tools that need to be manually activated/configured, but avoid paying for the VM while it’s not being used.

However when the self-hosted runner is not available and a build begins on the self-hosted macchine I see it waits seemingly forever with no timeout? While this isn’t a blocker, it makes me worried that any builds that do begin will consume all my monthly build minutes or just be stuck in-progress… indefinitely?

Is this using my build minutes? I think there should be a way to configure a timeout. Can someone from github respond or does anyone have a suggestion?

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Many thanks for your feedback!  

The job on self-hosted runner should not consume monthly build minutes, or at least some billing plan change for it. Currently there is bug in tracking, please kindly check.

I repro the appearance on my self-hosted agent, since the workflow is not started actually, it should not be able to configure a timeout.