No theme appearing

The theme at my gh-pages site is not appearing.
Repo: GitHub - Vaschex/PartyService

The support from MkDocs said that it is a GitHub specific problem: MkDocs doesn't deploy · Issue #2659 · mkdocs/mkdocs · GitHub


upon checking your site, you have gh-pages and in main you have docs folder so make sure you are not confused, they can all deploy your site,

but your GitHub Pages is working, your only problem is the theme, and upon checking your index.html,

<link rel="stylesheet" href="assets/stylesheets/main.a57b2b03.min.css">

this is the most common problem, you can try the absolute link, or put / before your relative links, for example /assets/ ...

wait for 5-10 minutes to see if it is working or not, because it will take time,

That’s not the problem, since MkDocs works for others too.

okay I see, I did not notice that,

it is also a static site generator, but GitHub Pages has its own, Jekyll, it’s actually powered by Jekyll, so it’s best to use the default one,

that’s actually one common problem with using other external apps, because if you are not keen, you might not realize that there is the problem with the app when used with another one,

What do you mean by that?

that it is not working with GitHub Pages, from the support of your static site generator, they are telling that the problem is from GitHub, not from them, so you really need to put effort in order to find what’s actually causing that issue,

yup, this is the same thing that I’m referring to, I mentioned you have docs in main, and you have gh-pages also,

my suggestion is try to deploy it again, say in gh-pages of a new repo, do not put docs in main, and make sure, you select gh-pages the one responsible to deploy your site,

if it is still causing the issue, I think, the problem is really the URL, put some time to check that, relative URLs are tricky, that’s the most common problem encountered here when deploying a page through GitHub Pages,

Why not? Other MkDocs users have it there as well.

How do I do that?

yup, that’s what I’m talking to, let me check first, good you provided many details,

This is an example of a working site: GitHub - nanoblox/core

see, that’s the confusion,

the is the one being deployed and you don’t have there your background theme, it’s on gh-pages and GitHub Pages cannot see that,

so now, what you want to do is to transfer that in docs, transfer all your project files there, and do not change the setting on GitHub Pages,

now, this one is really tricky, so better create a new repo, host it in docs folder of main and put all of your project files there,

Ahh it works now. I just changed this setting:

I thought that it has to be the markdown files, I’m dumb :joy::man_facepalming:
Anyways, thanks for your help!

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okay no problem, welcome,