No support for nested virtualization

Originally reported at MicrosoftDocs/vscodespaces#792, ported to Support Community as suggested by @lostintangent

Issue Type: Bug

As of now, there seems to be no support for enabling nested virtualization for GitHub Codespaces. I understand that due to various reasons cloud VMs would have nested virtualization switched off by default but this would most widely be helpful while Android/ IoS development where these capabilities could help. It would be great if there could be an option to toggle this or allow us to add licenses while VM creation (as shown below).

I earlier experimented with nested virtualization especially for Android/ IoS development on another cloud provider (GCP) and have published my and @preetjdp findings here. The major part which allowed Nested Virtualization was adding a license while VM creation (I also believe that this might be the easiest way to do so) -

--licenses ""

Maybe a similar approach could be used to facilitate this or allow the developers to add the licenses in a Codespace.