No Reply from GitHub support!

I have sent 2 - 3 emails to @github from [sensitive info removed by moderator] still there is no reply for a month @GitHubHelp :cry:

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Hi @TheCodersHangout,

Your post was edited because it contained potentially sensitive information that you may not have intended to make public, such as your email address. We discourage users from sharing such information in our public forum, as it can create security and privacy risks for the poster, as well as other users.

Additionally, if you need to discuss private account information, you will need to do so via private support. We cannot help with private account issues in the public forum. 

First, the E-Mail is not sensitive at all it is visible in all my profiles!

The private support is not replying to me that’s the reason I’m using this Community!

Why are GitHub staffs not replying at all? This makes people to not use it!

Hi @thecodershangout,

Firstly, sharing your email address is against the GitHub Community Forum Code of Conduct, so in this particular context, this is considered sensitive information.

Secondly, you have not been ignored, but have instead chosen to ignore repeated requests to cease and desist activity which violates GitHub’s Terms of Service. Because of that, I am locking this thread from further replies.