No release events running in fork

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I’ve already tried on: release as well as filters like creasted and published, but the action still fails to run when I create a new release in my fork. Is this event supported for forks? The documentation doesn’t mention any limitations in this regard. is my workflow and shows it stopped running as soon as I switched it to on: release.

How can I get the release event to fire in my fork? I’d like to ensure the workflow is correct before PRing it to the main repository.

No release events are running in the branch of a main repo either, and I’m creating releases manually.

@vadi2 ,

Sure, release event is also supported on forked repositories.

I checked the workflows in your forked repository, I think the problem you are facing is same as that in this ticket.

As I mentioned in that ticket, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1) After you have created a new workflow, this workflow will not be listed on " Actions" tab until it is triggered for the first time.
2) The GITHUB_REF of the release event is a tag ref, and Github will only reference the workflow YAML files on this tag ref, and the tag ref is created from the specified branch (master in your cases).
3) You can’t use the event occurs on a branch/tag ref to trigger the workflows located on another branch/tag ref.
4) Do not confuse Release event with Push event.

You also can follow my suggestions mentioned in that ticket to solve the problem:

  1. If you want to trigger the release workflow on the patch-1 branch, when you create a new release, you should select the tag created from the patch-1 branch.

  2. If you create release from the master branch, and want to trigger the release workflow, you should make sure the YAML file also has been existing on the master branch, and select the tag created from the master branch when creating a new release.

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