No pictures in deployed website - FIXED

Not sure how to go about doing this. I am using Ionos’s Deploy Now to host my website. I have the domain running, and I see my website, but no pictures. My images folder is in the repository with the folders in it. What could I be doing wrong. Not sure what else to say, but I can give information as needed.


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Lot’s of things, if the website you’re speaking about is a GitHub Pages website.

But without a link to both the repository and the website, it’s hard to narrow down the problem.

Other useful info would be to whether you’re using Jekyll (default) or planning to host a static website (HTML only).

this is a static html/css website. I don’t know what Jekyl is, so I am assuming not using it?
I feel like this is a broken link type of issue? Like it’s not seeing the folder?

Fixed it. Turns out it was needing to redeploy the site from Deploy Now from IONOS. I tried several things, so not sure if one of them was what it was. but I made all the image names simple lowercase and relative and redeployed, and it fixed it.

Glad that you solved it!

If you’re working under Windows OS that’s always something which might slip by, since Win OS is case-insensitive a website will always show correctly locally, but when published on a Linux machine letter case differences in filenames could break the website.

If you’re working under Win 10, the good news is that you can now set some directories (or directory trees) to be filename case-sensitive, which is ideal when working with cross-platform repositories or websites:

This will also allow you to have differently cased same-named files in a same folder (which you still find in some Linux projects).