No options to transfer issues to discussions in bulk or through labels


I’m trying to transfer some issues into discussions on my repository.

According to the support documents located here and here there are methods to transfer Issues into Discussions.

Upon trying this on the repositories of my organisation I don’t get this option either for the bulk transfer or single transfer, I’ve verified that discussions are enabled and I can create them.

No button on issue sidebar:

There is also no button for bulk transfer under the issue labels.

Is this feature not implemented yet? The documentation doesn’t include any mention of the feature not existing so I’m not sure what I need to do to access this feature.


Is this a private repository? Discussions was made available to private repositories in March.

Hey @kwacky1! Thanks for the reply!

This was not a private repository, no. Discussions was available on the repository in question, but bulk transfer options were not present.

I contacted support at the time, and got the answer through there:

There was a change recently that turned off this feature. There is a bug in the system that can cause comments to disappear occasionally when issues are converted to discussions . This change was intentional to allow the team time to diagnose and resolve that issue so no comments are lost in the conversion.

The engineering team is still researching what is going on with this and getting ready to implement more logging to collect data. We do not have an ETA on when this will be resolved, but it is definitely in the right hands.

Thanks again for the reply!


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