No option to search commits?

Hi, we are in the process of switching to GitHub from Bitbucket. So far GitHub Desktop seems really nice. However I’m honestly shocked to see there doesn’t seem to be an option to search commits? Our main repository has years worth of history; we typically search commit history by engineer name, title (for our ticket number), or even filename.

Am I correct in that this is not an option in GitHub Desktop? If I needed to see a commit from last year do I have no way of doing that?

on the Web UI,

OK, that gives me some options… I’m not seeing the main one we use, though, which is to search commit subject and description. We use meaningful subjects including our ticket number in commits related to a given ticket.

I can’t find that in the documentation… can you help please?

is it not the search within commit messages ?

Ah, right, it would be. That section has no example and I’m not finding a way to do it in Command Palette or advanced search. I did figure out how to do it in VSCode with Gitlens, however, so I’m covered. Thanks!