No new notification but inbox show 1


I am confusing , there is no new notification .
The circle dot is very annoy which make me check it every time .

Try checking here:

Sometimes I have an unread notification several pages back that’s keeping the notification icon live.

No, there is no unread

Ok, it looks like you’re affected by a known bug. Unfortunately it is usually caused by changed settings on someone else’s repository, so there’s no way for you to fix it (and we also can’t share whose repository or what setting). We do have an issue open for it, and our engineers have been looking into it.

I’m sorry though - I would also find this particularly annoying.

How long does it take solve my problem ?

I don’t have an estimate for that I’m afraid, but I can tell you they’re already working on it. That said, it is not a straightforward issue so honestly it may take some time.

A week gone, how is going on ? Could you just call the techs alter the notification state in database or some kind of cache to fix my problem ???
This is really unbearable!

Hey, I understand it’s frustrating. It would make me a little crazy too. Unfortunately this falls into a category of bug that is affecting very few people and is also very complex to fix. It’s not a cacheing problem I’m afraid.

Worst case scenario, notifications all expire after five months. But hopefully they will find a fix before then.