No more than 10 inputs for reusable workflows?

I am hitting what seems like an odd limit. I am only able to pass up to 10 inputs to a workflow_call triggered workflow, and I get an error related to the workflow_dispatch event.

Invalid workflow file : .path/to/workflow/file

handling usage of workflow “path/to/workflow/file”: workflow is invalid: you may only define up to 10 inputs for a workflow_dispatch event

I can see why this limitation would make sense for workflow_dispatch since we might want to save space in the UI, but for workflow_call I think it does not - since even some of our actions have more than 10 inputs.

Trying to make a reusable workflow with some flexibility, with only 10 inputs seems like it would be difficult.

Is this actually by design? Or am I hitting a bug


Hi @joshua-hancox_fedex, I’m the product manager for reusable workflows. You’ve run into a bug. The limit should be much higher. I’ve opened an internal issue for the team to investigate. Thanks for letting us know.


Cool, thankyou for the quick response. :slight_smile:

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Hi @joshua-hancox_fedex, we’ve removed the limit on the number of inputs that can be defined for a reusable workflow. See if that works for you!

Yes testing and working OK. Thankyou.

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