No longer able to list "in_progress" builds via the API

We’re making use of the below query for retrieving running workflows triggered by repository_dispatch but it suddenly stopped working

curl -X GET "${GITHUB_API_URL}/repos/${OWNER}/${REPO}/actions/runs?${query}" \
    -H 'Accept: application/vnd.github.antiope-preview+json' \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer ${GITHUB_TOKEN}" | jq '[.workflow_runs[]] | first'

We have a workaround in place (retrieving all workflows and filtering with jq) but thought it would be good to flag it as it has happened before: (List workflow runs API not detecting "in_progress" builds)

The behaviour is even seen in the search functionality of the UI when filtering jobs on is:in_progress


I believe that we are seeing some very similar behavior. In my case, I’m using the REST API to (repository_dispatch) query workflow runs by a particular date / time, and while I know that runs have completed recently, the query is only returning results that are >10h old. The search in the GUI shows the same behavior.

This is breaking our CI/CD systems, as we are using this query to run a workflow run and examine the results.

We seem to be encountering a similar problem when querying for workflows that are “in_progress” or “queued”

There indeed appears to be an issue with the filtering, response to a similar thread:

Same for me - queued and in_progress status returns 0.

It’s at least being acknowledged in the UI (after a few days)

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