No log during job execution

Since yesterday my jobs are running with no log being displayed during the execution.

All I see in the log screen is “Set up job”.

When job ends all the steps suddenly appears, with all the log.


Yes, I noticed this too, it’s quite annoying. I assume this is a temporary bug in the implementation and not an intended change?

Even I am facing the same issue since yesterday

Now I have a build with two workflows.

For first workflow, I experience bug too (Set up job eats all the logs):

Screenshot from 2019-10-11 16-19-43.png

But for second workflow, all seems to work fine (I see both all steps and logs):

Screenshot from 2019-10-11 16-21-20.png

I hope it helps to mitigate / fix the bug.

I think I’m seeing the same thing here - this job has apparently been running for 5hrs (!), but I can’t expand “npm test” to see if there’s any useful output there.