No latest school doc for github student dev plan

I was trying to apply for github student developer plan but it has asked me for a document or ID proof including a date to verify my academic status. But due to the coronavirus crisis, my school has been closed and has not been able to provide us with any form of identification or a letterhead. But I do have a email (which i added and used for the info while applying) provided by school very recently to continue the studies. And I also have a ID card from last year of school stating it is for the batch 2019-20. Is there any way I can use the old ID card, if not, then what can I do?
Thank you <3

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I’m afraid that we don’t have a lot of insight here on Education applications. However, if the application form is requesting further proof of enrollment, I’m not sure there’s a way around that. You can of course attempt to apply using last year’s ID, but it may be declined.

If your school is actually functioning, you should be able to ask for an incomplete transcript, which is often acceptable.