No June Gloom Here ๐ŸŒž [GitHub Help Check-in]

With Pride :rainbow: , plenty of new releases :boom:, and our amazing community members :heart_eyes_cat:, GitHub and the Community Forum are shining brighter than ever, you wonโ€™t find clouds in our clear skies.

:new: :flame: Depending on where you are in the world, the weather may be heating up, but the good news is that no matter where you are located GitHub is getting hotter and hotter!

  • Announcing GitHub Skills :school_satchel:: We think the best place to learn GitHub is on GitHub so weโ€™re excited to welcome our newest tool in your learning toolkit, GitHub Skills. Get started with our Actions-backed learning.
  • Commemorate your GitHub milestones with Achievements :1st_place_medal:: We have a new way to celebrate and highlight your GitHub journey with the release of our new Achievements. And this is just the beginning, we have more achievements to come! Learn more about Achievements.
  • New release: Block potentially destructive Git pushes :no_good_woman:: Now in beta, repository admins can block Git pushes to a repository when they are potentially destructive. View the full release here.

Sharing the love :sparkling_heart: Letโ€™s give these community citizens a round of applause for their contributions :clap:

  • Usually questions are GitHub-related, but we love to see GitHub Community Forum-related questions as well, thanks @vitalykarasik for asking how to enable notifications for the forum. Learn how in their solved post.
  • Just because a post was solved two years ago doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t chime in with an additional solution like @fredericpierron did here. Our product evolves over time so solutions may too! Appreciate you sharing your thoughts and providing another solution.
  • A thoughtful question in need of thoughtful answers: @vladak is looking for some recommendations and did a great job of giving ample background.

Around the Forum :world_map: Donโ€™t miss out on these posts!

  • Welcome Center: Mon(a)thly - June 2022, see which member the spotlight is on this month and handpicked resources for you from @ossanna16! Give it a read!
  • Motivational Monday: Happy Pride :rainbow_flag::transgender_flag::rainbow: Let us know of any Pride-related events you attended or planning on attending! Find the post here.

Have you unlocked any Achievements? Which ones? Remember, these are still in beta so any feedback you may have share in our Discussion.