No GitHub Actions workflows detected in repo

I’m trying to set up GitHub Actions for this repo, so I’ve created a new workflow in the .github/workflows directory, but when I go to the “Actions” tab in the repository no workflows are shown, only “No workflows have run yet” is displayed. I’m thinking it’s an error on my part – probably an issue in the yaml file – but no feedback is presented. Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong?


The workflows will only show up if you have a workflow run.

That being sad I also have a repo where I made several pushes where workflows should have been triggered, but they were not. I believe the system is a little buggy :slight_smile: This is the repo in question:

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I see, thanks! Is there any way to manually force a workflow to run?

No, but we want to add one.


I’m having the same problem in this repository. Actions are not run on either master nor pull requests.

Thanks for the report @asbjornu, we’ll take a look.

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I’ve had a similar issue when setting up actions on an old repo. The fix for me was to create a workflow using the HCL syntax that triggers a run (can be as simple as echoing something out) then on the actions tab select the option to upgrade to the new yaml syntax. It’s a shame there’s no easy way to get to this UI, but that’s what I’ve had to do multiple times now.

@asbjornu while we’re looking at what happened here, can you tell me if this repository was created from a template repository or if it was just cloned?

@ethomson, swedbank-pay-design-guide-jekyll-theme is a copy of payex-design-guide-jekyll-theme. I basically just did a cp of the latter, renamed to the former, created the repository on GitHub, changed the local origin to the newly created repository and pushed. I expected that the existence of .github/workflows/jekyll.yml to trigger a build in the new/copied repository, but nothing happens.

Got it thanks.  We’re investigating this now.  In the meantime, if you delete that workflow, push the changes, then add it back (and push again) we should locate it correctly and start running.

When I fork a repo with error workflows yaml files, the actions page will show “No GitHub Actions workflows detected”.

After I fix the error, actions page will show me two results.

It seems first error result not show after fork?

@ethomson, thanks! Deleting .github and reverting the deletion commit seems to have done the trick.

This worked for me too

Same issue in this repo. Deleted the workflow, pushed, reverted the delete and pushed again, but didn’t help.

@ethomson I have this repo where 1 action (cd.yml) is not detected at all. I literally copied/pasted it from where it is working successfully. I’ve deleted the whole .github directory and re-added it again to no avail. Could you share any hint on how to proceed forward?

I’m having the same issue in a private repo.  I’ve added/removed my workflow file several times, both manually via Git and via the Workflow UI, but to no avail.  I can even see the preview in the Workflow UI, but after creating the commit, no workflows are shown in the “All workflows” page.

Update: I was fooled by a tricky path filter on my push trigger config.  Workflows are triggering as expected.

Hi. was this fixed?, I deleted all my workflows from my repo, uploaded them and the problem still persists. 


For me the issue was that I needed to trigger the action after adding the workflow. For example, a workflow which is triggered on a PR being opened will not show up in the Actions tab until a PR is opened  after the workflow file is added.

This was really confusing because I opened a PR and then realized I didn’t have a workflow yet. 

I’m having the same problem on my repo right now :confused:

The file is located here

and I see no actions being created, it just says that actions are not enabled every time i load the page even when I click on the enable button

None of my actions are running right now.  Github is working on some general degradation: